Why New Age Relationships are Always on the Edge?

As the world has transformed, so have the new age relationships. With the arrival of social media and societal norms going more liberalized, relationships have taken a new shape. Anybody would agree that the new age relationships are always on the edge. Here are some reasons why:

Impact of social media
You would have seen girlfriends spanking their boyfriends simply because they liked or commented on the picture of another girl. You would have also noted the public display of affection by husbands and wives on the social media, even when they did not share such a happy relationship in reality. These examples show the big impact of social media on relationships and their perceptions of others. It has created a virtual world where people find more options than exist in their real life. Thus, most people remain insecure and doubtful of their partners. Social media generates such personal issues that never existed in previous days.

Lack of direct communication
The new age relationships are based more on idiotic mind games rather than mutual communication that is critically required to maintain a relationship. Exchanging digital messages and sending gifts online have become the tools of new age communication. This has been causing confusions, mutual issues, fueled up egos, and misunderstandings in relationships that no party wants to clarify face to face. While this affects the mutual respect, involvement and attraction between couples, it also affects the setup of a mutual mindset, thus disturbing the relationships.

More physical than emotional
As the society has become more tolerable to live-in and short-term physical relationships, the emotional component in a relation hardly exists. There is also less involvement of parents and family members while forming a relationship. In such a scenario, even a small fight over a petty issue can lead to breakups.

An independent attitude
While women have become more independent, so are men. This makes partners believe that they have a legitimate reason to be non-serious about a relationship. Initially, the relationship may have been built on intense feelings, but it loses its meaning when one or both partners lose interest in each other. As they are independent, they care less before moving on or hurting the feelings of their partners who might still love them.

Thus, all such factors lead to unstable and unpredictable relationships that always stay on the edge.


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  • shivani March 22, 2018 at 12:30 pm Reply

    More physical than emotional- true it is. everyone should definitely read this to improve their relationships

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