What Not To Say When Someone Just Broke Up

Whatever be the reason, it is always painful to walk out of a relationship. Whether you were feeling suffocated in the relationship because your freedom to be yourself was being curtailed, or your self-esteem was getting crushed, or you were feeling lonely in spite of being together and could no longer trust your partner, or the blame was always placed on you. When discomfort sets in a relationship it breaks.

The one who goes through this phase feels angry and frustrated. A person facing loss of a close relationship, would like to talk to near and dear ones to combat sorrowful feelings. The person becomes sensitive and an unthoughtful statement can aggravate negative feelings. Such statements are always avoidable. A few of them that may be mistakenly uttered are mentioned below.

“He was not right for you”

This statement leads to negative thoughts. A hurt person may even start cursing his/her fate for having drawn into such a relationship at the very beginning. It is time for positive conversation that would uplift sagging spirits.

“Your relation went through a rough weather”

No reason on this earth can stop a relationship from becoming full-fledged if there is a will. Oceans, seas and continents are no hurdles if two persons are on the same plane and want to be together. You never know what is on another person’s mind. So this statement can be hurting to a person who would have liked to continue in the relationship.

“Who was responsible for breaking up”

An end is an end, so is with a relationship. It doesn’t matter who of the two decided to quit first, it has anyway hurt. It is the circumstances that slowly built up and went out of control of the two in relation. A single effort was enough to save a relationship, but none worked.

“There was charm and beauty in your relationship”

This statement would just add insult to injury by making the person recall the good times they both had spent together.

“I have never liked this person”

An emotionally disturbed person would not be in a position to know your opinion about his former friend. It would not be wise to talk ill of a person, which would only aggravate angry feelings. These feelings would not let you come out of your past and begin a new relationship. Anger towards past would make you incapable of loving today.

An assuring statement of someone’s presence in this difficult time would pacify pent up feelings.


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  • riva April 6, 2018 at 10:13 am Reply

    breakups are not the end but can be a new and bright beginning. its all in your head.

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