Twist In The Tale: 7 Reasons That Make Women Leave Their Marriage

It’s said that marriages are made in heaven and are a bond for a lifetime. Unfortunately, in this modern society, marriages crumble and divorces are granted. With women getting more independent and social stigma around divorce lessening, more and more woman are choosing to end their relationship. But, what really prompts a woman to leave a relationship that she promised to cherish for a lifetime?

Here are 7 major reasons that prompt a woman to leave her marriage

  1. A Lack Of Emotional Connect:
    Women feel disconnected to their husbands due to lack of emotional bond. Generally, men form a bond through physical intimacy, whereas women bond emotionally. If a women feels like she isn’t heard in a marriage, she will leave.
  1. She Feels Taken For Granted:
    If a women feels like her husband doesn’t spend enough time and effort in their relationship and house, she might feel neglected and like she is the only one bearing the burden of the marriage. It is important for a woman that her husband spends time with her.
  1. Repetitive Arguments:
    If there is a fight that a couple keeps on having, time after time, the woman might just give it all up and leave for good. It could be a simple argument, but the fact that the man never listens to her and dismisses her opinion again and again, leaves a deeper scar than the actual argument itself.
  1. Bad Sex Life:
    Yes, sex is important for women too. Lack of sexual intimacy is a major reason for a women to feel that the marriage is just not working anymore.
  1. Abusive Behavior:
    any kind of abuse, emotional, physical or sexual will and should leave to the wife leaving the marriage for good. Most women generally make excuses and bear some abuse, but once the limit is crossed, they just up and leave their husbands.
  1. Financial Differences:
    Though love conquers all, for a marriage to work there needs to be financial stability. A wife needs to take care of all the finances in the house and may just be tired of always staying in debt. That’s why a lot of women walk out of their marriage due to financial problems.
  1. She Wants To Find Herself:
    During the course of a marriage, a woman grows and evolves as well. Her needs and desires might increase or change and she might just not want to put up with the same life and problems as before. Therefore, she ends up leaving a marriage in order to give herself priority again and find herself.

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  • sakshi April 6, 2018 at 10:20 am Reply

    women should not be blamed for every wrong thing rather they should be appreciated for all the good things they do.

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