Nine Things Not To Be Done On The First Date

One’s first date is always special and memorable, be it good or bad. However, there are those fairy-tales that start on a good note and end in a dreamland. Similarly, there are one of those nightmare dates that are best left forgotten. Now, if one wish to that the date to start great and end just as well, we present few guidelines that can help one enjoy through the memorable experience. One does not get a second chance to make a first impression. Just avoid the following and one would be just fine.

Getting too much drunk
It is great idea to enjoy a bit of favourite drink before or during the date as it would take the edge off potential first date awkwardness. The fine line,  however, is to recognise one’s limits, as there’s nothing worse than finding yourself on a date with someone who has alcohol-induced verbal diarrhoea.

Inappropriate attire
Men as well as ladies should not wear anything like scruffy trainers or an offensive t-shirt, which could embarrass date, The golden rule is that one should not wear anything that one wouldn’t wear to work. If one wears a uniform to work, then do not wear it on the first date.

Never ever talk about your ex
Or anyone one has slept with. If one’s ex walks into the date venue and even if they choose to sit down next to you and start talking to you and it’s perfectly obvious you know each other the sheer coincidence of it all makes you want to call them over, just do not acknowledge them.

Do not conduct Interview your date
Do not ask the date where they see themselves in five years’ time, or what motivates them. It’s not an work appraisal meeting, but a date.

Do not eat Parsley
Do not eat things with parsley in them because parsley sticks in teeth and date is probably too polite to let know that this has happened.

Do not come over too keen
Do not converse like ‘I’ve never felt this way about anyone before’ territory on the very first date. Talk of marriage, babies, how all friends are settling down and one feel left out like conversation is a strict no-no.

Do not talk about Sex
Talk about sex. It is an age old rule that stipulates that one must not talk about politics, religion and sex. This is because it will only serve to remind your date that there have been lovers before them.

Do not expect date to pay the bill
Do not expect your date to foot the bill. Let this be the bill which sets the tone for the relationship and let it be an equal one.

Do not tag a friend
Do not tag along a friend to the date and finally do not insult anyone or anything.


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  • ashish April 6, 2018 at 10:25 am Reply

    I think first should be natural and not planned. Then only you can get a reality check of your future with the person.

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