How casual is casual dating these days

Casual dating seems to be an ideal scenario for people who abhor commitment, and people who have set prioritised their career, family, or other things, except their love life. 78% of the people in the world are having flings and casually dating, then investing their time and heart in a serious committed relationship. When people are more focused on their career and wish to climb the ladder of success, love has become a secondary or tertiary thing in life.

Casual dating is all fun and games if you don’t happen to catch feelings for the other person. While casually dating a person, you may or may not meet your partner on a regular basis. You may meet once a week or fortnight, you may be intimate or not, you may talk about everything in your life or you may not. So how casual is casual dating these days? And how do we decide if it’s casual or something serious?

You can never decide on your feelings and neither can you ever control them. You may begin with casual dating, but end up being serious for the other person. And if you are someone who gets easily attached, you better stay out of this casual thing. While honesty is the base of any relationship whether casual or committed, you or your partner may not provide every detail about themselves (which is not being dishonest, just not providing the complete information). Casual daters just want to have fun and go on dates without giving a ‘tag’ to the relationship they share. They are not in to be tied down to one person completely or see a prosperous future with that person.

It is also called casual fun hookups or friends with benefits who has a soft corner for the other person. It is a non-stressful type of relationship where none of you worry about being serious with their apparent boyfriend or girlfriend. Every casual couple has their own set of rules for each other to not hurt the other in any possible way. While casual dating is completely different from ‘open relationships’, where partners can have other lovers, it is one of its own type, where you are not allowed to see other people but not have feelings for your partner too, at the same time.

If you have ever felt jealous or insecure about your casual partner, then this is just not your kind. Casual daters maintain a distance with their partners, and do not even let the other check their phones. However, casually dating a person doesn’t mean that you were only in for physical fun or were bored of your social and professional life. Casual daters are those people, who are sorted in their lives as they know what they want, when they want, and how they want that.

Set your own boundaries with your casual dater, and be double clear with him/her about your feelings. Therefore, don’t be a part of it if you wants complete attention, is a possessive and obsessive lover, and can’t possibly share your lover with the outside world.

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  • ashmita April 17, 2018 at 9:31 am Reply

    i think there shouldn’t exist such thing as casual dating. Either you should love entirely or don’t love at all.

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