Getting Shot By Cupid in the Tinder Age

Social media and online apps have been providing a space to meet and talk to potential dating partners for a long time other than just connecting friends and families. Dating apps took it a step further. Young people as well as the adults looking for dating partners can often be seen using these apps. However, there are still people who believe in traditional ways of dating.


Real Meetings Over Virtual Chatting Is Just Like Loving Over Liking

Yes, we agree that meeting in real life is not as easy as it is shown in romantic movies. You do not just bump into your soulmate, the wind does not blow when you meet the “right” person (unless it’s a windy day), it may not rain and definitely things will not move in slow motion.

However, there’s still a teeny-tiny chance of these things happening where on the other hand, it definitely won’t rain in your dating app. Dating apps are like liking someone, it may or may not turn into meetings but meeting in real life, either leads to knowing whether things will move forward by understanding the other person face-to-face.


Why Not Online Dating?

About 1/4th of the people using one dating app most probably is using other dating apps as well. The second 1/4th might be using fake profiles or pictures that either belong to someone else or are years old in which they look different. The third 1/4th of people are just using the dating app for chatting and the remaining 1/4th are maybe looking for serious relationships after dating.

This makes finding the right person having the same opinions and ideas about dating can become difficult. You cannot be sure of the category among the above four the person belongs to and it is possible that the cupid’s arrow hit the wrong spot.


Has Meeting In Real Become Old School? 


Even in online dating, people move to have the meeting face to face before making a decision. This means that no matter what, people still believe in meeting in person more trustworthy than taking a decision after just texting over apps. Considering the facts, only 4-6% of people have found their companions over dating apps.

Also, about 79% of people confirmed that they believe in traditional ways of meeting and dating like meeting through a common friend or family friends. Behind the screen of a mobile, people can act way too differently and it is hard to predict what kind of people they are exactly as it’s them telling about themselves only.


The Accuracy Of Getting Shot By Cupid

Many people might say that they did find their soulmates or desirable traits in the person they found on dating apps and it might be true too. But what else is true that half of the people who decide to go on a date after chatting on apps end up going their different ways after just meeting.

No matter how hard you get hit by the cupid, it hits on the basis of the image you developed of the other person. After finding the person different from that image, the effect of cupid ultimately fades away. It is generally not the case with traditional dating as you already have an image and basic idea about the person you have decided to date.



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