Effective Ways To Detect You Are Stuck In An Unhealthy Relationship

We are social beings and always seek to seek the company of others, looking for comfort, happiness and fulfilment. We choose a partner with whom we want to form relationship and share our lives. Sometimes our choices prove fruitful, but many times they fail us, since we are not always wise or reasonable.

It is perfectly normal if the relationships get miserable. Every couple goes through a phase when they are unhappy in a relationship. Phases pass, but if one is constantly feeling unhappy and depressed, then maybe one may should reconsider one’s relationship. An unhealthy relationship is easy to recognise provided we apply our brains.

There is nothing left to talk about – If you and your partner more than often sit around, while doing nothing and are absolutely silent, then it is a definite sign that one is unhappy in relationship. One is not supposed to chatter all the day, but being quiet is something to worry about.

Physically present, Mentally on vacation – Partners not only have to listen to each other, and talk about their events and feelings, but they have to honestly and truly take the time to listen and understand what they are saying. If ones partner seems distant and just nods head, uttering yes-no to your questions and stories, it a sign of not genuinely listening and it can make you feel unhappy in a relationship

Cutting the arguments short – Nobody likes to argue for no good reason, but if one’s partner is constantly interrupting arguments, claiming one have already been through it and there is no need to repeat, then that’s a sign of an unhealthy relationship. If one’s partner doesn’t really take the time to at least listen to what one is saying, then one is stuck in unhealthy relationship

Talking too much about others – Partner constantly talks about friend from work and his problems shows that the focus has

One doesn’t do anything fun anymore – If one and partner do not do anything fun and outrageous anymore, and don’t challenge the relationship by doing something that is out of the daily schedule, one is stuck in a rut, and it is a huge relationship problem

Partner has a future, alone and One is not included -If there is no perspective in the relationship or one is not included in the plans, then one must think twice about how happy one really is. In a monogamous relationship, affection, devotion and commitment are the most important things and if partner doesn’t include one in future plans then one is stuck up in an unhappy relationship.

Too much focus on the negatives – Constantly nagging each other is the important sign of relationship problems. People tend to nag more when they are unhappy, depressed, or need a change. Constantly seeing negativity in one’s partner is a sign one do not really value their character or personality.

Avoiding Physical Intimacy – Unhappy relationships lack the spiritual connection, as well as the physical connection. Physical contact and display of affection is extremely important and contributes to the completeness of the relationship. If one or 

the partner gets irritated on being touched, it’s a sign of being unhappy in a relationship.

From time to time, one have to ask oneself whether one is happy with the relationship. If one follows all the signs of being unhappy in a relationship, and realize that one displays most of them, one will wonder how to leave an unhappy relationship, and that is easy once one sets the mind to it. After all, people fall in and out of love, and if something has gone bad, it is part of the nature to dispose of it.


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