Creative Ideas to Help You Spice Up Things During Lockdown

Lockdown and this Covid-19 pandemic have changed the way of living, working and communicating with your friends, but it doesn’t have to affect your love and bonding with your partner. 

A lot of couples have shown concerns towards the changes brought by the lockdown. Unable to go on drives, outings or doing any outdoor activities together have made relationships monotonous. That is why here are some creative ideas in which you can spice-up things during lockdown and make your relationship happening.

  • Please, No Phones

Phones may have brought you closer to the outer world but it surely takes you away from the people right next to you. In order to keep things happening, it is important to make time for each other.

Prior to the pandemic, work life and commuting used to keep you busy and tired. However, it is not the case after the lockdown. Make sure to spend quality time with each other and instead of throwing your stress, try to share the burdens and feel good.

  • Romantic Setting Dinner

Lockdown has restricted you from planning dinner or lunch dates? Well, no worries when you can exclusively prepare a romantic dinner setting at home. It may sound cliché but it always works in making things romantic.

A lot of households have light settings in present days. But even if you don’t have dim lights at home, go with the traditional candle light setting. Instead of paying double and triple for having a secluded meal in a restaurant, why not have a private dinner at home that doesn’t even cost much.


Surprisingly, SURPRISES can turn on the romantic side of your partner in surprising ways. Try it yourself if you have doubts because who doesn’t like surprises given from the person they love.

The surprises do not have to be expensive or grand, small things you do for each other or random things which can lift your partner’s mood up can be enough as well.

  • There’s Nothing Like “Too Cheesy”

When did you last flirt with your partner? We know some of you must think that it is a teenagers’ thing or a new couple thing but it is not. Yes, it is important to know the right time and mood but there’s nothing like being too cheesy.

To spice up things during the lockdown, you can definitely let a few things slip and flirting is one of those. It enlivens the mood and keeps the atmosphere romantic. Don’t believe us? Well, try it.

  • Help Me Cook?

There is only too much that you can do at home and therefore, it is important to flip all the pages which scream “ROMANTIC”. Cooking together is one such thing you can try at home.

Yes, it may not look all in order and perfect like shown in romantic scenes but it can definitely ignite a spark if done right. Do not try to overdo yourself in order to impress your partner, just cook something and help in ways you can rather than spoiling their efforts and making them angry.

  • It’s Movie Time

Movie watching while being cozy on the couch or the bed is another traditional yet creative way in which you can spice things up between you and your partner. It is different from watching movies on weekends while eating together.

Choose the right movie, time and mood where you two can feel free from the daily chores and relax while watching the movie and focusing on each other.

These were a few tips in which you can make things happening with your partner unaffected by the boredom brought by the pandemic. However, even for the surprises you need to make sure that everything is as planned. As much as it depends on the ideas, he iming also plays a huge role.


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