6 tips to get over the emotional trauma of breaking up a serious relationship

Getting over a relationship is not as easy as falling off a log and considering it as a serious relationship, well you are doomed, my friend! As beautiful as it was falling in love with the other person, getting over will be equally or even more traumatic, but you can help yourself by these six basic tips.

Get your glasses on
No, I didn’t mean to start drinking with your friends; however, that may help too. While drinking will have its adverse effects on your health, I suggest you wear your eyeglasses and start reading a good book. A good book could either be motivational, mysterious, mythical, or of any genre but not romance. And you know that why! If you are not an avid reader, you may even go out to movies or download them and watch it in your comfort zone. The point is to keep yourself busy, wear your spectacles, and not hurt your eyes with the movie marathon.

Vent it out
By now you might be hating your ex for the things he did and the words he said. You don’t have to keep it all inside and let it burn your heart forever. Your friends are there for you to hear you out and they’ll always be there in your bad times. Trust them! If you can’t rely on your friends or are too shy to share those bad-days stories of your ex, then pick up a pen and a paper to write down all those incidents. The point here is to get those incidents out of your system. Those memories won’t be out completely or for forever, but you will feel light after venting it out.

Stop suppressing
For how long can you suppress your feelings? Even if you can for a few days, weeks, or months, you should not. You may hold on to your feelings for a while, but this will not be eternal. You will come to a point when you burst those feelings out either in the form of anger or tears. Subduing your feelings will only lead to heavy heart and an unfocused mind. You won’t be able to focus on your job and the projects involved with your career. Feel your feelings.
Cry it out.
Write it down.
Listen to those slow songs.
Dance it out.
Do whatever you want to, but never crush or resist your feelings.

Admire yourself
A breakup is a phase where you start to loathe yourself, and you do not have to do that. Questioning your worth is not how you should tackle the breakup. Get up, look in the mirror, and admire how beautiful you are! Get a new haircut to change your look and feel beautiful. Looking in the mirror might not work every time, but the haircut does! You are a beautiful being, and a break up must not make you hate yourself.

Cut all the knots
All this while social media has been telling you to stay connected, I tell you to cut all the connections. Delete, unfriend, unfollow, and even block the other person from all the links that connect you. If you happen to have mutual friends, then tell them to not talk about the other person until you are ready to discuss about him/her. Cutting all the knots will be difficult, but that will definitely help you in getting over. Since social media provides us with every update of the other person, you will hate it if the other person is having a good time and posting pictures with friends.

Focus on your career
Take a deep breathe and start working towards your career goal. Walking towards your career will make everything fall in the place on its own. Make your work, your priority, and you will have no time to think about your ex. In the end, your work and your dedication won’t ditch you, and you will be more satisfied with the level of your achievement in your career.


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  • Mary May 7, 2018 at 9:10 am Reply

    These tips are useful, but it’s not easy to overcome the traumatic effects of a breakup.

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