4 Ways to Deal With Emotional Abuse in a Relationship

Emotional Abuse in a Relationship

When you are in an emotional abusive relationship the first thing is to realize and acknowledge that you are in one. It is important not to be delusional and to be honest to yourself and the emotions that you are feeling. It certainly takes a lot of effort in acknowledging to yourself that the person you love is hurting you and it is in your interest to walk away from the relationship. These are the strategies you can put in place to get your life back in control.

The first thing is your well being. Make your mental and physical health a priority. Eat right, get good amount of exercise and rest sufficiently. This is will help to boost your confidence and help you become self-reliant. Next you should stop worrying about pleasing the abuser which will immediately take away the stress from dealing with the abuser. Do something that will help you think positive and affirm who you are.

Stop blaming yourself. In an abusive relationship it is quite natural to think that there must something severely wrong with you because of which the abuser is acting in a certain way. But being abusive is a choice. So stop blaming yourself for something you have no control over.

It important to build a support network of trusted friend, family member or even a counsellor asit is never wise to withstand emotional abuse on your own. It is not acceptable to be silent about emotional abuse rather you should talk about and express what is it that is causing you pain from the abusive person in the relationship. Time away from the as much as possible and spend time with people who love and support you. This network of healthy friends and confidantes will help you feel less lonely and isolated. Silence will eventually cause your more harm than good. When you speak about the abusive behaviour you can get te perception of your listener and understand better the situation that you are in. So be proactive and build a support network for yourself.

Establish boundaries with the abuser. It is important to communicate your expectations with your abuser. That you are no longer going to accept any naming callings, rude behaviour, insult, and so on. It is also important that you try to avoid yourself from the abuser and do not get provoked to participate in the abusive behaviour with your abuser. If they continue to behave in the same abuse manner then leave the room or the conversation. Engaging with the abuser will only fuel the abusive behaviour. Work on an exit plan that will allow you to leave the abusive relationship forever.


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