11 Signs That Confirms Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Two of us had been together for very long that I had stopped looking for any signs of cheating. It was such a late realisation that my partner really was cheating on me. I have jotted down few signs to check for a cheating partner as these days a cheating partner is careful enough to clean the lipstick stains or put on one’s own fragrance before reaching home. I hope with these signs you are able to confront your partner before it’s too late!

  1. Has your partner suddenly become too fond of his/her phone? Does he/she has a screen lock and does not share the password?

The cheating partner may abruptly delete all call logs or wipe his/her chat history to ensure there is no proof.

  1. Has your partner all of a sudden started taking interest in his/her appearance?

The cheating partner may have increased trips to parlours and shopping malls.

  1. Has your partner turned into a ‘workaholic’?

The cheating partner may have an unprecedented increase in number of meetings, office lunches or dinners, off-site trainings or travels.

  1. Has your partner got a new credit card?

The cheating partner may be using his/her finances elsewhere.

  1. Has your partner lost his/her libido?

The cheating partner may not be interested in sex with you.

  1. Is your partner picking up fights over non-issues?

The cheating partner may spend most of his/her time only arguing and explaining.

  1. Has your partner developed a new hobby?

The cheating partner may start taking classes (say, dance or pottery) alone and near his office.

  1. Has privacy become a major concern?

The cheating partner may demand lot more ‘me’ more than what was common earlier.

  1. Is your partner buying you gifts or flowers or chocolates out of the blue?

The cheating partner may be showering all these presents being showered out of guilt.

  1. Is the narrative of timing an issue?

The cheating partner could be lying about his whereabouts and not provide any details.

  1. Does your partner have sudden mood swings?

The cheating partner may be confused about his/her own feelings – guilt or shame or frustration.


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    post something to help people in dealing with the deception.

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